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Canada’s Safest Employers Awards 2023

The Avetta Award for Best Safety Industry Provider

This award recognizes any service provider in the safety industry that helps their clients achieve their goals. This includes but is not limited to; personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers, safety training providers and HSE technology providers. Judges will consider the following: unique value proposition; major strengths compared to competitors; client success through use of the vendors services; industry's need for the service; and overall and ongoing commitment to the safety industry..

Technical Guidelines

The information you include in this form will be the only documentation provided to the judging panel for winner selection. All finalist submissions will remain confidential and are protected by the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all judges, and will only be shared with the judging panel except where stated otherwise. You can save your submission as a draft and return to it multiple times, however, we recommend that you save your work externally and upload your entire submission once complete, to avoid any loss of data that can be caused by possible technical/server/connectivity issues. Please adhere to the due date of Friday, April 21st, 2023 11:59 pm ET. By submitting this form and the information within it, you confirm you have the right to do so on behalf of the finalist individual or organization and you verify that all information within it is true, complete and accurate.