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Canadian Law Awards 2023

The Lincoln Alexander School of Law Award for Shaping the Future

Open to all Canada-based law firms. Small / medium sized firms are encouraged to enter.


Judged on the concrete steps taken by the law firm during calendar year 2022 to demonstrate a commitment to any or all of the following; EDI as a core organizational value, to strengthen access to justice for underrepresented communities, to advance legal services through innovation, and to invest in legal education through mentorship and beyond.

Technical Guidelines

Submissions can be saved as a draft. However, to avoid any loss of data as a result of possible technical/server/connectivity issues, we strongly recommend saving your work externally and uploading only once complete. The deadline of submissions is EOD Friday, February 3, 2023. By submitting this form and the information within it, you confirm you have the right to do so on behalf of the individual, firm or organization and you verify that all information within it is true, complete and accurate. Each submission will be judged (by a panel of esteemed individuals from in and around Canada’s legal profession) according to the criteria relating to the specific category. This content will be provided to the judges when voting. You may answer in paragraph form, bullets, or a mix of both.