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Lexpert® Rising Stars: Leading Lawyers Under 40

Presented by Lexpert, the prestigious Rising Stars Awards Gala honour winners from across Canada. To be considered, a lawyer with a Call to Bar in Canada in good standing must be nominated using this Nomination Form only.

Nomination Form Instructions:

  • A separate nomination form is required for each nominee.
  • All fields are mandatory, as are character limits.
  • If you have questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Editor-in-Chief Jean Cumming at
  • In the event that multiple nomination forms are received for a nominee, and if applicable, Lexpert® will forward one of the forms to the Advisory Board.
  • Please be advised that any information submitted on these forms, including but not restricted to financial data and client names, may be published in Lexpert magazine and/or in Rising Stars print and audio-visual materials in the event the nominee is a winner.
  • Nominations are to be sent electronically via this website and must reach Lexpert® by midnight (PST) on July 8, 2019.
  • A nominee cannot nominate his or her self.
  • No additional materials will be forwarded to the Advisory Board.

Please provide the following:
Nominee Information:
Nomination Criteria
He/she has an outstanding track record of success relative to others in his/her field and at a notably high level of complexity. Please provide examples: 2000 characters left
Provide examples of his/her community involvement and leadership in pro bono work and/or his/her involvement in professional or other organizations: 850 characters left
He/she has demonstrated their value to the firm, department or company by pro-activity in client service, excellent client development and/or other ways, as applicable, as evidenced by: 850 characters left
He/she has demonstrated his/her ability to focus on the central legal needs/issues within the context of his/her business or client's business and the larger relevant competitive realities, as evidenced by: 1750 characters left
He/she is highly flexible and responsive to change. Often he/she anticipates, initiates and leads change efforts. He/she is planning and visioning for lawyering of the future as evidenced by: 850 characters left
Please provide highlights: 850 characters left
He/she is highly skilled at synchronizing the efforts and work of multiple players and generous in sharing the most interesting work. He/she recognizes his/her colleagues for successful results and is respectful and civil in all dealings. Please provide example(s): 2000 characters left