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This award recognizes those organizations that excel in the provision of overall employee well-being which includes the financial, physical and mental wellness of its employees, whilst showing clear evidence of a positive impact on workforce, including reductions in absence levels, and / or improvements in staff engagement and performance.


Finalists will be asked to demonstrate the following:

  • Evidence of an innovative internal strategy or value proposition that addresses employee wellbeing which has been implemented or improved in the last 12 – 18 months
  • Evidence that the organization provides for the support of the “triple threat” (physical, financial & mental well­being) to their employees, through total rewards, benefits and compensation, a broad offering of wellness initiatives and in “going the extra mile” to ensure their employees are cared for, financially, physically, financially and mentally.
  • Evidence of an effective internal communication strategy that drives awareness (and participation...) of policies and programs for the wellness proposition.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of the programmes, including impact on employee productivity & retention / staff turnover rate and return on investment.. reduced benefits costs, reduced stress related costs, reduced absenteeism, etc, measurement of benefits (i.e. savings) by company and employees.....improved financial, physical and mental wellness...


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