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Women in Wealth Management Awards 2019

The Women in Wealth Management Awards (WIWM Awards) is the first industry awards in Canada created to recognize female advisors, wealth management executives and the teams and organizations they run.

Immediately following the Women in Wealth Management Masterclass, the WIWM Awards cocktail dinner will celebrate the women who are not only best-in-class wealth professionals, but also inspiring trailblazers for future women leaders to come.

Women in Wealth Management Masterclass and Awards is brought to you by the organizers of WP Leadership & Tech Summit and the Wealth Professional Awards, the industry-leading awards event that welcomed over 200 finalists and 500 guests from across Canada in its 5th annual gala in May 2019.


Nomination closes on 21 October 2019


This award of excellence recognizes the wealth professional whose efforts have gone beyond the requirements of their position to advance the ETF industry in Canada; whose contributions to the industry over the past year have been outstanding. The winner will be recognized as the champion of the ETF industry.


  • Open to any individual in the ETF industry (not limited to advisors) actively implementing ETFs in their book of business or practice
  • Must demonstrate efforts to innovate, promote ETF tax efficiency and communicate the value of ETFs to clients/networks and/or industry
  • Business development and client relationship strategy and success, growth strategy, training & education, ETF volume and overall customer satisfaction


This award celebrates the outstanding contribution of time, leadership and financial support of the female wealth professional or female-led wealth management firm that set new benchmarks of excellence in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and community service that aim to advance the well-being of targeted communities outside the workplace, in any situation, anywhere in the world.


  • Open to individual female wealth professionals and female-led advisory teams/offices
  • Must have active involvement in philanthropic efforts and implemented CSR initiatives whether in local, regional, national and/or international scale
  • Displays a clear statement of how any initiative is aligned with the company or organizations’ strategic and business goals towards the betterment of the targeted communities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to philanthropy through financial support and the encouragement of others to take roles toward philanthropy
  • Demonstrate meaningful impact of efforts and initiatives in philanthropy and CSR

This award goes to the female executive (VP level or above) of an advisory firm/office/fund provider who has best demonstrated vision and leadership over several years, where the nominee's insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire has guided her organization to a new level of growth, achievement or recognition.


  • Open to female-acting executives (VP level or above) of an advisory firm, office or fund provider in Canada
  • Demonstrated vision and leadership over several years, where the nominee’s insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire
  • Has guided her organization to a new level of growth, achievement or recognition
  • Corporate performance –positive financial results reflective of leadership
  • Social responsibility – use of leadership and skills to help the community overcome social issues
  • Innovative business achievements and use of technology

This award recognizes the outstanding female-led marketing & communications team of a wealth management company/office/branch/fund provider in Canada.


  • Open to any female-led marketing and communications team of a wealth management company/office/branch/fund provider in Canada
  • Must have campaign/s in place directed to wealth professionals
  • Business’ key objectives behind marketing and communications mix and strategy
  • Made significant strides in the previous year in promoting the brand/achieving business’ key objectives through marketing activities and communications
  • Demonstrates a major contribution to the business success of the company (in client retention and growth, repeat and referral business)
  • Shows innovative and original thinking
  • Not requisite but strengthens nomination: specific campaign/s raising awareness and diversity for women

This award is given to the female trailblazer who has best harnessed and maximized innovation in their business, through digital resources/platform/product/service, to provide practical, effective and easily accessible tools to clients or significant stakeholders.

Criteria will be considered from an overall business perspective:

  • Open to female leaders of companies bringing digitally innovative products/services / technology to wealth management
  • The business' value proposition and strategy around stakeholder engagement
  • Shows dedication to the field
  • Professional accomplishments in the last five years (business initiatives in which the nominee played a critical role, new business brought to the company, innovative ideas, etc.)
  • Other relevant accolades and standout achievements in the previous year

This Award goes to the outstanding women-led advisory team or advisor office/branch.

Criteria will be considered from an overall business perspective:

  • Open to IIROC advisory teams and independent offices and branches headed by a female principal advisor
  • Client retention
  • Customer service proposition
  • Financial results including total revenue, percentage of new business and growth in client and staff numbers
  • Staff development and retention
  • The business' value proposition and strategy around stakeholder engagement

This award recognizes the young female trailblazer under 40 in wealth management who has best exceled at pushing the envelope with innovation and growth, garnering industry attention and the respect of peers. Young advisors are more important than ever in an industry that is “greying.” Recognizing the fresh, ambitious advisors (under 40) sends a powerful message to the younger generation that its contributions are important to the industry.


  • Open to female advisors aged 40 or under as of Jan 1st 2019
  • Shows dedication to the field and demonstrates career growth
  • Volume, revenue contributions, book growth
  • Business development success and client retention and referral strategy
  • Relevant accolades and standout achievements in 2018
  • Demonstrates ability to innovate and reinvent traditional methods within her workplace